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June 2019

Promoting International Careers

At the end of last month, Suzanne Towler hosted 13 European careers professionals for four days as part of the Academia exchange programme. She organised a variety of talks and visits, as well as arranged presentations from Jonny Lyons from Aspire2Work and Glyn Ellis from Shine. They all had a wonderful time and really enjoyed learning about guidance and education in the UK, especially how it differs from their own countries. They particularly loved the lunch prepared by our learners in the Cookery school!

Ongoing Projects

Digital technologies feature in many of our projects as they allow large quantities of information to be used to further the effectiveness of career guidance. As a result, a lot of our projects involve piloting – please let us know if you would like to get involved in any of these activities by contacting Emma Campbell (International Project Assistant).

Games based careers guidance is becoming increasingly popular, and at the forefront of this is the Level Up project. This project has developed a digital board game that enables young people to uncover the steps, skills, qualifications and attitudes needed to achieve a particular career. Michael Miller (International Project Officer) attended the fourth project meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria to discuss upcoming game piloting. It would be really useful if some of the tutors and learners could get involved, so let us know if you are interested! Find out more about the project here:

The Future Time Traveller project is also developing a careers game, but this one enables young people to discover the skills needed for the jobs of the future – this will also involve a competition open to all 16-19 year olds. We are hosting a demonstration event for careers professionals at City House at the end of the month which will also include a series of workshops surrounding games based career guidance. Visit the website to find out more:

Felix Kankwamba (International Project Officer) has been interviewing local historians around the industrial heritage of Bradford for the Metropolis project. This will help with the creation of a Pokémon Go style app, where young people can discover the cultural heritage of Bradford and link it to current jobs, as well as expected jobs of the future.

On the topic of careers and digital technologies, Lauren van Heel (Aspire international Manager) attended the multiplier event for SMART LMI in Bruges, Belgium a project focusing on the role of digitisation in job matching. As well as presenting  the project (, which will develop an innovative app allowing emerging job trends, labour market changes and skills to be easily understood, presentations around systems that match skills and qualifications to job sectors and the increased use of AI in jobs matching was presented. This event highlighted the increasing role that digital technologies have in careers guidance.

The NADINE project is developing an online portal for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, allowing them to find jobs, assess their skills and connect with local councils to assist them during their transition to life in Britain. To discover the types of support these groups need, and the biggest barriers they face in integrating into society, Lauren van Heel (Aspire international Manager)and Emma Campbell (International Project Assistant) conducted the first of many focus groups in Keighley. This group was extremely informative and allowed us to uncover the major barriers faced by these groups. To find out more, visit:

Michael Miller (International Project Officer) and Emma Campbell (International Project Assistant) attended the final DECODE meeting in Rome where they presented the overall UK findings of the project and how digital learning may be used in the future. The DECODE project provided teachers with a training course on how to better integrate digital technologies in the classroom and how to create interactive digital learning activities.

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